History of the Cutting Centre – Ostrava Frýdecká 443

18. 10. 2021



·        The KARLA s.r.o. (KARLA Ltd.) company was founded in 1991.


·        Since 1992, the company has been buying and selling metallurgical material – sheet steel as well as shaped parts cut on CNC machines.


·        In 1998, Karla s.r.o. purchased their own storage and production facilities of the former Vítkovice buildings.  This step enabled the company to further dynamically develop in the years to come.


·        In 1999, a new administrative building was built adjacent to the production halls, providing thus a base for the sales and economic departments of the company.

In the same year, with regard to a rising demand for shaped sheet cutting, Karla s.r.o. purchased two new cutting pieces of machinery.


·        In 2000, a new machine enabling a laser-cutting technology was acquired.  It was a Bystronic CO2 laser-cutting machine with the work area dimensions of 1,500 x 3,000 mm.



·        In 2001, Karla s.r.o. was approached by the UNEX company and close cooperation was established.  Karla s.r.o. became the UNEX company’s exclusive supplier of cut parts.  The output reached 1,200-1,500 tonnes of shaped parts.



·        The turn of 2001-2002 was marked by a purchase of new machinery in order to provide for the capacities.  Four pieces of acetylene-cutting machinery were purchased from the MGM company.



·        In 2006, in reaction to a rising demand for sheet metal cut parts another laser machine was acquired.  The TRUMPF company was selected for the role of a supplier, the work area dimensions were 2,000x4,000 mm.


·        In 2007, the company decided to replace the Bystronic laser with a piece of equipment by TRUMPF.  Therefore, there was generation replacement of the laser equipment as well as the work area dimensions increase from 1,500x3,000 mm to 2,000x4,000 mm, which provided a considerable competitive advantage with some types of cut parts.



·        In 2008, Karla s.r.o. managed to attract a significant customer – STAHL CraneSystems.  Long narrow strips of the thickness of 7-12 mm and length upto 16 metres were cut for this customer.  The Karla s.r.o. employees acquired considerable know-how in the field of cutting long thin parts.

The production of these long narrow strips in bulk called for the acquisition of two plasma devices with their work area dimensions of 2,000-32,000 mm.  The supplier of these devices was the MGM company.


·        2009 was marked by Karla s.r.o. purchasing two press brakes.  There was an increase in customers requiring subsequent operations to go with parts cutting.  A decision was made to purchase the press brakes – and renown producers were chosen.  The smaller press brake with the press power of 230t and the work area dimensions of 3 metres was supplied by TRUMPF, the larger one was supplied by the EHT company (today TRUMPF) with the press power of 400t and the work area dimensions of 4 metres.  The acquisition of these pieces of machinery stirred Karla s.r.o. towards new types of orders as well as a whole range of new customers.


·        The turn of 2009 and 2010 was marked by the acquisition of a continuous shot-blasting device as well as a leveller.  The purchase of these technologies provided Karla s.r.o. with a great competitive advantage and other services could then be offered to our customers along with shaped cutting and pressing.



·        2016 marked the year when the owner of Karla s.r.o., for health reasons, decided to sell the company to an investor that would further develop it and continue building a top-notch cutting centre.

Karla s.r.o. changed into MSC MetPro.  All the know-how and human potential remained in the company.


·        In 2017 MSC MetPro continued developing shaped cutting.  The sales team increased by new sales representatives.  A lot of new customers were attracted.  The number of active customers was around 450 a month.  It was important to invest in technology enhancement – increase in the number of technologists, new hardware and software acquisition and the information system adjustment.


·        In 2018, it was important to increase the number of employees in production and again boost the technology department.  The third laser device was bought – based on good experience again by TRUMPF, the work area dimensions of 2,000x4,000 mm.


·        2019 was marked by strengthening business relations and expanding the production portfolio.  The sales department managed to attract new customers, such as Demag Cranes & Components, Metrostav – the country’s largest building company with international reach.